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Cost Segregation

CPA or Tax Planners - Affiliate Program

Specialty Tax Services

We work with small to mid sized CPA firms and Tax Planners to add a new suite of speciality services to the firm’s menu for Speciality Tax and Real Estate without any upfront investment in staff or leadership. 


Advantages of CPAs offering Specialty Tax Services:

- Build their client base

- Competitive Advantage- Diversify services without any cost 

- Client retention- solidify existing relationships

- Additional revenue stream

- “Accounting Today” lists Speciality Tax Services as one of the top niche services for increasing business



The RJC Consulting advantage over other Cost Segregation firms:

- Unlimited audit defense- our competitors only offer a few hours of defense

- One stop shop- Cost Segregation

- Fully engineered Speciality Tax firm- specialized in engineering and tax law

- Providing engineered based cost analysis since 2002